Enterprise file sync and share software (EFSS)

Seafile is a cloud storage platform for enterprise environments with sharing and collaboration features and a focus on safety and reliability.

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  • Saving resources

    You will not need a huge data center to run Seafile even for a large amount of users. That saves on hardware costs and keeps your admins sane.

  • Encryption of data possible

    You can store your data inside encrypted libraries and password-protect them. Without the correct password no one can access your data.

  • Focus on file sync

    Seafile focuses on what we do great: Syncing and sharing files as well as giving people tools to collaborate better.

  • How Seafile can help protect data against ransomware

    26 March 2016 / Tips

    Besides the typical convenience features of file sync, share and collaboration, Seafile can also help protect your data from being taken hostage by ransomware like Locky.

    Seafile keeps a history of every library and every file on the Seafile server. Previous versions of files and libraries can be restored by entering the history section and just clicking on a previous version.

... just a few Seafile features

  • Online preview for office files

    LibreOffice and MS Office documents can be viewed online.

  • Audit Log

    With Seafile Professional, administrators users can see audit logs directly on Seahub, without having root access to underlying hosting machines.

  • Support for AWS S3, Ceph RADOS and Swift

    Seafile Professional supports several data storage back ends: Amazon S3, Ceph RADOS and Swift.

more features...

  • Scalable and high-available

    Seafile Professional can be setup as a cluster with several nodes. This allows scalability and high-availability of your Seafile instance.

  • Auto-upload your photos

    Automatically sync your photos with iOS and Android Apps.

  • Set an expiration date for shared links

    In Seafile Professional you can set an expiration date for share links.

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